VYOMA - is a GIS based web application for water Asset Management System of any size and type to achieve maximum efficiency. Vyoma centered on following framework of five core questions-

  1. What is the current state of my assets?
  2. What is my required "sustainable" level of service?
  3. Which assets are critical to sustained performance?
  4. What are my minimum life-cycle costs?
  5. What is my best long-term funding strategy?


Vyoma comes to the fore when making decisions related to asset operations and maintenance in order to provide quality services at low cost to consumers.
  1. Prolonging asset life and improving decisions about asset rehabilitation, repair, and replacement
  2. Meeting consumer demands with a focus on system sustainability
  3. Setting rates based on sound operational and financial planning
  4. Budgeting focused on critical activities for sustained performance
  5. Meeting service expectations and regulatory requirements
  6. Improving responses to emergencies
  7. Improving the security and safety of assets
  8. Reducing overall costs for both operations and capital expenditures

Data Storage

  • Relational Database
  • Big Data
  • GIS referencing Data


  • Customer integration module
  • Manage finance system of asset under finance system
  • Planing the capital budget of assets
  • Geolocation of asset using GIS mapping
  • Registration of asset inventory
  • Condition of asset registered on regular interval
  • Risk assesment reports and failure prediction
  • Full flashed maintenance system
  • Easy integration with SCADA system
  • Reporting charts for monitoring asset
  • Admin dashboard based on role type

Data Analysis

  • Hadoop
  • Big Data
  • Elastic Search

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