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Caring for the Health
of Human Race

COVID-19 Pandemic has pushed the world in the middle of a crisis unprecedented in scale and its impact. The crisis has challenged the world in ways unseen in modern history. It has challenged many of the existing notions of a good and robust health care system. The diverse approaches to respond to the Pandemic by countries even that have comparable demography, health system coupled with abruptness of decision making process across the world, be it poor or rich, technologically advanced or primitive, suggests towards absence of real time elements that can enable informed scientific decision making. This has led to rethinking in approach and strategy of organizing and delivering the public healthcare services worldwide.

There is a consensus at protecting the world from future infectious diseases crises and the World Health Assembly has kick-started a global process to draft and negotiate a convention, agreement or other international instrument under the Constitution of the World Health Organization to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response.

For a robust pandemic prevention, preparedness and response strategy to take shape and to succeed, the presence of robust data in real time and a related co-operation regime are a precondition. This points towards the need for the world to have a technology enabled cooperative real time data collection and management platform to enable human race effectively manage health emergencies of the scale as COVID-10 Pandemic.

Centre of Excellence on Emerging Development Perspectives (CoE-EDP) - an initiative of VisionRI - is working on developing an Integrated Health Management Information System (EVA-HMIS) to provide the human race a truly global health radar conceptualized as a globally connected network architecture.

What is EVA-HMIS

The EVA-HMIS is a system that collects real time data from health centres, individuals, and a variety of sensors that are all connected to a secure global network in real time, which is subsequently disseminated across various geographical borders in accordance with established rules, standards, and procedures. It accomplishes all of this while adhering to national and international data protection rules and regulations and eliminates the requirement for constant human supervision or the risk of a security breach.

EVA-HMIS works as real-time AI enabled data gathering platform through smooth and safe data migration across network nodes that allows for real time disease surveillance and public health management. The health data is to be used to give targeted, structured and controlled medical services to every human being on the earth.

Features of EVA-HMIS

Who are to use EVA-HMIS and How

The system is primarily intended for use by healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, professionals, and so on) as well as healthcare seekers (individuals). The system builds on a unified healthcare network that will connect all of the world's healthcare providers and allow information to flow freely across the network. This will enable health service seekers to obtain the best services from anywhere at any time. He/she can choose to change the hospital or the doctor if it fails to treat as desired because all the information will be owned by the individual himself.

The system also allows governments to track and respond to emerging threats using real-time data collection and AI enabled analysis, as well as improve international collaboration and mitigate global catastrophes such as the COVID-19.

Who are to control it?

Everyone and no one. The system works through a set of rules and regulations which are hardcoded into the system design. As a result, everyone dealing with the system is required to follow a set of protocols that are to be agreed upon through consultation with all stakeholders.

Who are to operate it?

VisionRI is to provide active support for the system's smooth operation for an agreed-upon term, in addition to training individuals to perform basic operations, of which only a few and basic activities are required. Additional assistance is to be provided as needed, either online or in person, depending on the nature of the problem.

Enabling Policies, Regulation and Institutional Capacity Building

VisionRI provides support to design and implement enabling policies, regulation and institutional capacity building interventions in accordance with international best practices that is required for such a system to exist and function. Active support is provided in developing the ability to set up institutions for system oversight and smooth operations.

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