Consultancy Service for Business plan development for the adaptive reuse and Conservation of the Old Kachcheri Building Site

Shortlisted to bid for this World Bank funded assignment in Sri Lanka
26 Oct 2017 00:00:00 adaptive reuse and Conservation World Bank

The objectives of the consulting assignment are:

  1. Analyzing the willingness of Jaffna communities to accept an adaptive reuse of the Old Kachcheri Building Site.
  2. Analyzing the business feasibility of an adaptive reuse development of the Old Kachcheri Building Site that will contribute to; an iconic development in Jaffna; reactivating a currently disused site and building structure; economic growth and job creation in Jaffna through the provision of a host of opportunities to small and upcoming businesses that are currently lacking, or unavailable in Jaffna; provision of a vibrant public space that is set within a historic structure, yet enables modern businesses and community activities to function efficiently; and demonstration of the value that early planning of management needs can bring to the sustainability of civic-based investments.
  3. Developing a business plan, based on the feasibility of adaptive reuses.