Developing Parking Management and Traffic Impact assessment studies

Shortlisted to bid for this World Bank funded assignment in Ethoipia
08 May 2017 00:00:00 Ethiopia Traffic Addis Ababa Parking Management Traffic Impact Study

Considering the parking and traffic impact challenges, this consulting assignment is aimed at developing a coherent parking strategy and an initial paid parking implementation program for the city, and additionally seeks to develop and recommend a traffic impact assessment program for implementation throughout the city, at both central and sub-city control points.

The consultancy assignment is expected to run in two phases. The first phase will

(i) prepare a parking strategy for the city,

(ii) recommend four initial target areas within the city for implementation of paid parking in consultation with the client,

(iii) propose alternative ways and means to manage and enforce paid parking in these areas, and

(iv) based on client and stakeholder input recommend a detailed program for establishing paid parking in the target areas. During this first phase assignment the Consultant will also prepare a recommended traffic impact assessment program. During the proposed second phase of the work the Consultant might be called upon to undertake additional activities under separate terms of reference to assist the Client in further detailing and implementing the proposed parking and traffic assessment management programs.