TA 4378: Project Preparation Support for North Eastern State Roads Project

Project Preparation Support
12 Jun 2017 Project Preparation Support North Eastern State Roads Transport

The Scope

The Project was aimed at assisting the States of the North-Eastern region of India for studying the feasibility of developing the respective road networks and improving national and sub-regional connectivity with the objective of enhancing mobility and trade. The project assisted the States to develop the capacity of road sector institutions to increase productivity of the road assets. 

The primary focus of the assistance was:

  1. prioritization of National Highways, State Highways and Major District Roads for improvement
  2. determination of the feasibility of an investment project for improvement of priority state roads and bridges
  3. preparation of an institutional strengthening action plan comprising immediate action to support implementation of the proposed Project.

The study findings were reviewed and finalized based on the Government’s priority needs assessment, ADB’s focus, and projects funded by other multilateral and bilateral institutions in the North-Eastern States.

Our Role

The services provided by us under the assignment included environmental and social safeguard planning for the project. Our scope of work included:

  • Preparation of Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report and its executive summary for all sub project roads. The reports covered environmental management and monitoring plan (EMMP). Wherever, IEE recommend that further environmental assessment needed to be carried, the consultant was required to prepare EIA report including Environmental Management Plan
  • Integrating all summaries of IEE/EIA from the entire project as a Summary IEE/EIA
  • Assessing the capacity of the EA in implementing the proposed Environmental Management Plan and proposed necessary training to enable EA and the Local Government to implement environmental management and monitoring plan
  • Assessment of nature and quantum of Rehabilitation/Resettlement and Impact on Indigenous People including preparation of RPs, IPDP etc. as per ADB’s requirements
  • Assessment of institutional strengthening needs and training to executing agencies in project implementation including environmental and social safeguard planning.