Federal Roads Development Project (FRDP) in Nigeria: Consultancy Services for Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Federal Roads Development
11 Jun 2017 Federal Roads Development Project Monitoring and Evaluation Transport

The Scope

The overall objective of this study is to design and assist RSDT in developing and implementing a sustainable M&E system that defines standards, approaches, methods, tools and annual application plans to allow systematic participatory monitoring and evaluation of project development objectives, output performance indicators, achievements, results, changes and major impacts.

Our Role

We deployed a multidisciplinary experienced team to carry out the services. Our scope of work includes:  

  • Development of basic parameters for assessing changes in road user satisfaction and changes in travel time and cost
  • Assessment of the overall Socio-economic Impacts of FRDP roads on the lives of people; periodic assessment of the Outcome Indicators for each Project Development Objective as per the Restructured Project Document
  • Provision of necessary justifications and guides for M&E activities as well as coaching and training of M&E responsible personnel in the RSDT and local/primary stakeholders organizations
  • Playing a catalyst role for implementation of the M&E system including planning, recommending adjustments and reporting.