TA 7082-TON: Urban Planning and Management System for the Kingdom of Tonga

TA 7082-TON
12 Jun 2017 Urban Planning and Management System Asian Development Bank Kingdom of Tonga

The Scope

The objective of this technical assistance was to contribute for the improvement in living standards in Nuku'alofa, including in low-income residential areas, by improving urban infrastructure and providing support for formulating a planning legislation as well as capacity building in Planning and Urban Management Division (PUMD). The scope of the assignment involved three components:

  1. Preparation of planning legislation
  2. Capacity building in the PUMD with preparation of the Urban Infrastructure Development Plan (UIDP)
  3. A traffic management study for Nuku'alofa city as well as preparation of Nuku'alofa Traffic Management Plan.

Our Role

A team of experienced multidisciplinary team was deployed by us to carry out the advisory services. Our scope of work included:

  • Drafting planning legislation following the framework established under the Tonga Integrated Urban Development project
  • Provide capacity building in planning analyses including data collection and analysis, presentation of results and provide a fully-costed urban sector (Urban Infrastructure Development Plan)
  • Prepare a traffic management study for Nuku'alofa to identify options and recommendations to optimize traffic flows within the existing urban road network.