ADB TA 4842-NEP: North South Fast Track Road Projects

11 Jun 2017 Track Road Projects Transport

The Scope

The objective of the technical assistance (TA) was to carry out a feasibility of the north-south fast track road in respect of its engineering economic, environmental and social and resettlement aspects. The preliminary design of preferred alignment and drafted procurement contracts. An investment plan for sections of road those were economically viable, technically feasible, and socially and environmentally sound. The needs identification of the Department of Roads (DOR) for further capacity building, based on completed and ongoing programs.

Our Role

The services provided by us under the assignment included social safeguard planning for the project. Our scope of work included:

  • Preparation of an involuntary resettlement and ethnic minority development plan for the project roads
  • Propose measures to address concerns relating to gender, child labour, HIV/AIDS, and road safety project design
  • Prepare a program for preventing HIV/AIDS and human trafficking along the project road
  • Assess institutional strengthening needs and provide training to executing agencies in project implementation included social safeguard planning.