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Our passion to think out of box and research on developmental challenges unfolds here. Be it thinking on innovative ways to engage with communities in our project areas or dissecting the developmental approaches, policies, programs or developing sophisticated IT and big data analytics tools to catalyse the developmental landscape or simply organizing in-house debates and discussion sessions to rejuvenate our energies as a think tank – we do all here.


31 Dec 2005J.P. Singh & S.N. Jena

The Pressure on Urban Infrastructure

The style of urban infrastructure provision that encourages more efficient pattern of resource consumption is the basis for development of sustainable cities. Conventional approach to urban infrastruc...
20 Dec 2005J.P.Singh

Maintaining Highways on Maintain-Operate-Transfer Basis

The article brings out a case for commercialization of road networks on MOT basis and the contextual need to study the entire National Highway network of India for commercialization on MOT basis
26 Nov 2005J.P. Singh

Defining the Developmental Consulting

VisionRI is executing a research project titled Developmental Consulting : Markets & Strategies with an objective to comprehend the developmental consulting market in terms of its definition, scope, s...
26 Nov 2005J.P. Singh

Pricing of National Highways in India Revisited

There is need to re-study the issue of road pricing for complete national highway network and region specific toll fee rates should be prescribed after due consideration of varying nature and magnitud...