The global development sector is in transition with wide range of priorities, concerns, opportunities, and paths ahead. Besides the availability and access to funding and resources being a challenge, the advent of new actors and partners, new innovations, new applications of technology and data, new models of development finance, new revenue streams, and the potential of all these trends to improve development outputs and outcomes is exhilarating.


The sector in transition breeds the worries for players about how to stay relevant in a world that is heading in many different directions at once, and coping with it by innovating, utilising technology and data to drive decision making, and empowering partners on the front lines.


In the above context, the Centre of Excellence on Emerging Development Perspectives (COE-EDP) aims to keep track of transition trajectory of global development and work towards conceptualization, development and mainstreaming of innovative developmental approaches, frameworks and practices.



The objectives of COE-EDP are:

  • Tracking the trajectory of emerging developmental approaches, frameworks and practices in target sectors and markets.
  • Conceptualizing, designing and practising state of the art developmental approaches and frameworks in target sectors and markets.
  • Enhancing the use of technology in developmental interventions by conceptualising and developing innovative and implementable technical solutions.


COE-EDP leverages upon strategic networking and collaborations with inspired individuals and innovative technology ventures across the globe. Collaborations happen for joint research and product development by pooling the resources and know-how.



Presently, the activities of COE-EDP are focused on following thematic areas:

  • ML powered IDEA M&E: Working on the upgrading of our project monitoring and evaluation software, IDEA M&E, by using machine learning technologies to enhance the users’ experience and more efficient decision making while managing and monitoring the projects and programs
  • Insights Post-COVID 19: In the view of huge inflow of data due to COVID 19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns worldwide, we are studying how such data and technology powered data analytics will provide inputs for policy formulation, planning, program and project formulation in the post-COVID 19 periods.
  • Global Healthcare Management Information System and Communication Practices: Seeing the importance of targeted communication in prevention and responding to outbreaks of infectious diseases and warnings by UN and WHO about the infodemic being witnessed the outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic, we are analysing and assessing how the policymakers and administrators will be required to renovate healthcare communication modalities and what role technology can play to adopt resilience policies and protocols to deal with COVID 19 pandemic and challenges to be posed in the post-COVID 19 world...Read More



WORKPLACES POST-COVID 19: Tech innovations to catalyse a remote working culture

The COVID-19 pandemic has essentially forced most of the businesses to either go remote or suspend operations. The changes were sudden and the transformation that would have taken years had to be done in a matter of days to ensure business continuity.


TELEHEALTH POST-COVID 19: Breaking stereotypes and embracing the potential of technology

For more than a decade, advocates of telehealth have tried to convince the world that technology can transform health care delivery but their efforts had largely gone in vain until the COVID- 19 pandemic left people with no other choice.


SUPPLY CHAINS POST-COVID 19: Disruptions to accelerate long-pending revamping

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted economic activity at an unprecedented scale and these disruptions are posing a survival threat to many businesses due to difficulties in procuring goods and reaching customers. Such supply chain disruptions have far- reaching impact and most of the countries are now gripped with shortages of even essential commodities such as protective medical equipment, medicines and food.


RETAIL POST-COVID 19: Knocking down persistent barriers to change

The COVID-19 pandemic is a black swan event accompanied by mass uncertainty and fear that will leave its imprint on consumer behaviour as well as the finances of the retail industry for years to come. As a result, the retail industry could change forever as coronavirus knocks down barriers to change that have held back the larger part of the industry during the past few decades.


PHARMA POST-COVID 19: Reducing political clout can alter business models

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt and pharma industry has a critical role to play in the fight against this contagious disease. Armed with their scientific expertise, management capabilities and supporting infrastructure, pharma companies have accelerated efforts to develop treatments and a vaccine against the virus.

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